Newbie's Public Disgrace Includes Being Suspended, Flogged and Fucked

Public Disgrace newbie, Penelope, gets suspended, flogged and fucked in Part 1. Penelope is a sweet, adorable beauty, new to the BDSM scene, but ready to take it all in. Max Cortes brings Valentina Bianco to a location popular with climbers. They are surprised to find Penelope bound and suspended, eager for them to use. As part of her degrading public sex, they flog her, spit on her and use her body as they please all while showing her off to the men around them. Then they take her to a street with a grand view of Barcelona. There Penelope's made to suck dick and get fucked in plain view of anyone passing by. Penelope and Valentina enjoy participating in a greedy group fuck.
In Part 2, Penelope is fresh from a hard fuck on the streets of Barcelona. Public Disgrace sluts, Penelope and Valentina, are brought to a club to continue their public abasement. They're publicly fucked and humiliated in front of a large group of patrons as two other hot sluts join in on the fun. Three cocks and four whores pound it out until this public sex newbie, Penelope, is fully fucked and covered in hot cum!

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